An Analysis of Factors Affecting Parents’ Choice of a Junior High School
Yi Hsu, Chen Yuan-fang

This research explored factors that affect parents’ choice of junior high schools and was based on a questionnaire survey. A total of 380 questionnaire copies were distributed, with 342 valid returns. A factor analysis based on the retuned questionnaires was conducted using Statistica 8.0 software and a response surface regression analysis was carried out. The outcome and conclusion were established based on literature review and questionnaire analysis. This research found a high positive correlation in educational environment, educational philosophy, campus and facilities, curricular activities, school specialties, location and transportation, educational environment, campus and facilities, curricular activities, school specialties, and location and transportation. The research’s conclusion is that in regards to management, an emphasis on student moral values and daily discipline, good reputation, a safe and effective educational environment, and school specialties are the most important factors that will motivate students to attend certain schools within their district. The outcome of this research can serve as a reference for school faculty, teachers, and parents.

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