The Development of a National Receipts Card: An Account of Scheme Adoption Rates and Risks in the Point-of-Sale Industry
Krikor Maroukian, George Dimitropoulos

The introduction of a citizen’s Receipts Card in Greece has led to increased controversy between the public and local government authorities in regard to the benefits attempted to be gained from such an initiative. One of the main aims of the Receipts Card has been the rapid adoption of paperless transactions at Points-of-Sale (POS). This paper attempts to address the events that have led to certain adoption trends for the Receipts Card in the Greek POS market during the period of September 2011 until January 2012. In addition, pertinent risks to the Receipts Card scheme are highlighted through an investigation conducted on POS communications for software updates. Graphical depictions of POS software adoption rates of five banking institutions are compared with a prime focus to explore the causation of the adoption trends identified in Greek markets. The research also explores countervailing causative variables to trends identified.

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