People’s Perception Towards Islamic Banking: A Field work study in Gombe Local Government Area, Nigeria
Fada, Kodun Abiah; Bundi Wabekwa

The main purpose of this paper is to survey the viewpoints of the people of Gombe Local Government Area to review their perceptions towards Islamic Banking. Structured into four sections, introduction, review of related literature, analysis of data and conclusion respectively, the paper presents primary data collected by means of structured questionnaire involving a sample of 134 respondents. The survey employs an exploratory factor analysis to examine respondents’ perception of the subject, Islamic Banking. The survey however reveals that the perception of people in the study area is largely consistent with misconception of the subject matter and concludes by calling on relevant stakeholders including the Central Bank to initiate awareness campaign programs to orient and enlighten the public about Islamic Banking, its products, services and economic benefits to be derived from the advent of Islamic banking.

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