Factors Influencing the Intensity of Export Success in Ghaha’s Horticultural Industry
Irene S. Egyir, Edwin Clifford Mensah, Felix Agyei-Sasu

Export success and the ability to sustain oneself in the international horticultural markets have become more critical in the recent years given the current global economic downturn. The extent of success is even much critical for enterprises in the horticultural export chain. The goal of this study is to identify the factors that influence the intensity of export succes. A semi-strutured questionnaire was used to collect data from 52 managers and representatives of horticultural exporting firms in Ghana. By estimating a tobit model of the intensity of export success, our results reveal that a manager’s level of education, experience, training, entreprenuerial orientation, presence of export department, product diversification and government support directly influences the intensity of export success.Export barriers and constraints in accessing working capital negatively influenced the intensity of export success.

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