Evaluation of Contemporary Environmental Condition of River Basins in Southern Pre-Caspian Areas of Azerbaijan
R. A. Ismailov, R. N. Karimov

Southern Pre-Caspian areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan have favorable geographical position as well as natural and climatic condition for dwelling, development of settlements, and industrial activity. Most areas have fertile soils and attractive landscapes. These factors facilitate human distribution in the researched area and therefore, the area is highly populated. Population are engaged mainly in areas such as farming, namely production of tea, vine, cereals, vegetable, different fruits, including citrus plants, production of foods, and also cattle- and sheep-breeding. As a result, the coastal zone and rivers experience high anthropogenic influence. This article deals with the study of anthropogenic pollution of highly-settled river basins and valleys as well as evaluation of changes going by quality of river waters in southern Pre-Caspian areas of Azerbaijan.

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